Trademark Registration Process

Filing an application at ONAPI

Duration: 45-60 días.

The application must contain the name and address of the applicant, sign or logo to be registered (for mixed or figurative marks), class in which you wish to include the protection and description of the protected products. It should be accompanied by a power of attorney that not require legalization.

Evaluation of an application at ONAPI

Duration: 1-15 days.

ONAPI proceeds to examine the application, ensuring that it complies with the established merits and form requirements. It also determines whether or not it affects third-party rights, that is to say, whether it is similar or equal to records issued or in the process of being issued.

Approval of an application

Duration: 15 days.

Once the application is reviewed and qualified as correct, ONAPI issues a certification stating the approval of the application. If it is objected, a certificate of objection is issued.

Payment of Publication Fee

Duration: 15-30 days.

Once the application is approved, the payment of the pending application is made; this occurs on the 15th and 30th day of each month. This publication opens the opposition period.

Opposition Term

Duration: 15-45 days.

This period lasts 45 days, during which third parties have the opportunity to file an opposition to the request.

Certificate Issuance

Following the deadline and without opposition from third parties, the certificate is issued within the 15 working days.