Legal Glossary

Commercial Slogans: The word or phrase or legend used to advertise a brand.

Copyright: Are the rights derived from literary and artistic creations, as well as the literary and artistic forms of scientific works, whatever their form of expression, dissemination, reproduction, communication, gender, merit or destination.

Domains: It is an identification network associated with a group of devices or equipment connected to the Internet network. It is the name that identifies a website.

Patents: A concession granted by the Dominican State for the exploitation, exclusively, of an idea in commerce, for a maximum period of 15 years.

Signs and Emblems: Is any visible sign used to identify a specific business location.

Trade Names: Is any denomination use to identify an establishment where business activity is carried out.

Trademarks: It is a word, denomination or sign, which is used to identify products that are sold in a market. Its main purpose is to differentiate them from other similar products, as well as to identify their commercial origin.