Our Services

We have the vast experience of highly qualified lawyers and professionals in the area, which allows making specific recommendations in everything related to the protection of Industrial and Intellectual Property rights.

  • Registration of movement:
  • Brands and names assingments.
  • Changes of address.
  • Changes of names.
  • Brands and names transfers.
  • Licences of use.
  • Mergers.
  • Cancelations.
  • Analysis of brand and trade name portfolio.
  • Previous searches in the Dominican Republic and abroad.
  • Portfolio updating.
  • Surveillance services.
  • Registration of new brands and names.
  • Renewals.
  • Registration of constitutions as guarantee.
  • Legal advice.

Why and what for register?

The brand is the face of any product or service you need to market and what allows the public to differentiate you from the competition. It is what represents you in the market, hence the value of your brand is so important, that is why it is advisable to have a specialized care for it to affirm the confidence you have on your protected brand and name.

The current legislation, Law 20-00 of Industrial Property allows trademark and trade name registrations to serve as a guarantee in obligations, which makes them a trading tool.

<b>Why</b> Admarca?

Why Admarca?

Our goal is to assure the security of your records, offering competitive prices and first-class quality service. We specialize in portfolio management of Trademarks and Trade Names. This implies maintaining the validity of your records as well as your strength in the face of possible threats, so your only concern would be the development and growth of your brand in the market.